Hugh Alcock grew up in the UK. He has lived for many years in Toronto, Canada. He studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art. After graduation he became active in painting and promoting independent exhibitions. His art consists in large scale drawings and paintings of landscapes, though more recently he has also explored abstract painting and sculpture.

Several years after art school Hugh began to study philosophy, eventually earning an MPhil in the philosophy of mathematics at Birmingham University, UK, and  a PhD in the philosophy of mind with the Tri-University program (Universities of Guelph, MacMasters and Wilfrid Laurier). He lectures in philosophy and has taught at several universities in southern Ontario. He spends the rest of his time painting and writing about art and philosophy.

On this site you’ll find a mixture of philosophy articles and essays on art practice. Looking ahead, he plans to write on topics of more general interest informed by his knowledge and opinions in his areas of expertise.

He believes that academic professionalisation in general has led to a pernicious verticality. Academics build silos that grow taller and more insular each day. Philosophers in particular focus exclusively on their specialisations and expend little or no effort in making broader connections.  Hugh’s wide interests have led him to realise that philosophical understandings can inform other disciplines, and conversely that philosophical research benefits from looking beyond its current narrowly specialised debates. So the maxim by which he operates is:  Understanding the world requires crossing it.

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